10 Body Language Secrets That Will Make You More Successful- Michelle Tverberg

TCWEP Co-founder Michelle Tverberg spoke with Reader’s Digest about one of her best tips to use while networking in their article 10 Body Language Secrets to Use that will Make You More Successful by Juliana LaBianca.

Reader's Digest

“Make your smile even more powerful by timing it perfectly. “Give a smile to someone, but hold it back for a moment or two to really ‘see’ the person,” says Michelle Tyerberg, co-founder of networking group Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals. “Then, let that thousand-watt grin spread across your face. This lets the receiver know that the smile is because of who they are, and not you smiling at anything that comes near you.” Don’t miss these 10 other attributes of wildly successful people.”

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