TCWEP helped me launch my business

“TCWEP helped me launch my business and introduced me to some wonderful vendors/ suppliers.” – Vicki Higgins, Revived Tableware 

TCWEP got our name on preferred caterer lists

“Through my relationships with vendors at TCWEP, Lisa’s Catering has not only received great referrals but have gotten our name on preferred caterer lists at great venues in town.” – Jamie Sinkula, Lisa’s Catering

A warm, inviting environment that is informative and fun

“Networking can be extremely intimidating, especially if you are new to the industry. This group has revolutionized the concept by creating a warm, inviting environment that is informative and fun. The idea of visiting new venues each month really opens us up to learning about one another and the limitless possibilities out there.” – Susan Lee Wright, Perfect Day Ceremonies & Affordable I Do’s

I’ve learned here

“The BEST thing I’ve learned here is there is enough sand in the sandbox! Your competition is your collaborator!” – Terri Leckas, Queen of Cakes

I love the friends I’ve made

“I love the friends I’ve made through TCWEP! It’s so fun to see friendly and familiar faces (+new faces) every time I come. Makes networking fun!” – Anonymous


“This is an amazing group of people and the amount of companies/ vendors I have already started to build a relationship with after 5 meetings is outstanding.” – Amy Perrin, Winehaven Winery

I felt so welcomed

“On my first meeting I felt so welcomed. I had the owners of Hope Glen Farm introduce me to people they thought I should know.” – Jen Rotty, Jen Rotty Make-Up & Hair

Surrounded by inspiration

“This group helps keeps me surrounded by inspiration and the desire to give each and every customer the finest my hands can knit. Every bride deserves to surround herself with warmth on her wedding day.” – Julie Schulett, Knit.n.Jules

People that are equally as passionate as I am

“Coming from a small town, I knew I wanted to come to the cities and was determined to be in the wedding industry. I am so passionate about wedding and finally I feel like I have found a great group of people that are equally as passionate as I am. So thankful I joined this group.” – Anonymous

Opened new doors for me

“Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals has opened new doors for me, a great organization that does great things for greater twin cities events.” – Hudson Magic LLC


“This group is awesome! As a new person I was welcomed and warmly accepted. The connections I have made are invaluable.” – Nick Martinez – Nerium International

Strategic partnerships

“By getting consistently involved in many ways it has been a great way to create strategic alliance partnerships that have been great for all involved.” – Jim Jaeckels, Keller Williams 

Supportive group

“This is a great supportive group for Twin Cities wedding and event professionals. I know that I can turn to my fellow members when I need high quality services for my clients.” – Cara Winter, Memories in Time Photography

Growing our business

“We have had many great connections and networking opportunities from TCWEP. It has been amazing being a part of this group and growing our business as well as helping others grow their businesses.” – Taj Salon & Spa

So many wonderful people

“I first came to TCWEP in September 2015. I met so many wonderful people who have been so fun and supportive!” – Kate Minor, Kate Minor Photography

So many talented vendors

“Over the past 2 years TCWEP has introduced me to so many talented vendors that I can now call friends. It is wonderful to work with clients and help build their event with amazing, dependable talent and work the event with friends.” – Anonymous


“TCWEP facilitated an excellent opportunity to meet many new industry professionals and expand my potential vendor repertoire.” – Hayley Parmentier, Muse Event Center

Such an amazing group

“TCWEP is such an amazing group! The Fairy Godmother project would not be possible without all the kind and generous vendors that have donated to our project. You guys rock!” – Terri Uy Lennon, Uy Lennon Floral & Design/ Fairy Godmother Project

I feel supported

“TCWEP consistently comes up with an encouraging environment. I feel very supported by the group.” – Christi Williams, Grinkie Girls

We have utilized many of the businesses in the group

“We have had a great experience meeting and networking with each other like-minded people in our industry of the bridal business. We have utilized many of the businesses in the group.” – Andria Wehlage,  Taj Salon & Spa

Impressed with the sheer volume of professionals

“This is my second meeting, I am impressed with the sheer volume of professionals in the Twin Cities. I feel like there is more opportunity for work than I originally thought when moving back from New York in 2007.” – Lynn Brownell, Singer/ Songwriter/ Pianist