Want to give Top of the Wishlist Ultimate Gifts and be considered a stellar networker? Gifts that absolutely will be considered highly valuable, truly appreciated and have an impact on both your businesses and/or workplace. Best of all, these gifts won’t cost you money to give, they are free, and most are just minutes of your time!
  1. Online Reviews Everyone loves raving, real, positive reviews by peers and clients that have experienced a service, product, venue, and/or food tasting.   Every monthly TCWEP Networking Event gives us an experience with various sponsors, an opportunity to give online reviews and social media shout out’s.  Easy to do!  Visit TCWEP.com for Wedding & Event Members and Business 2 Business Members, as well as take TCWEP Event Programs for list of event sponsors,  visit their websites to find  their social media: (a) give an online review (facebook business page, wedding wire, et), (b) like their business page online (c)  do shout out’s tagging them on your social media.  Many options!  If not sure how to do, ask for help, search google how to’s, watch what others are doing,  you are in safe company if you are as technically challenged as I can be, ha!   Include tag:  #tcwepNetwork
  2. Exchanging Weblinks This is so vitally powerful; it helps all of us to gain higher rankings in search engines, especially since we have related businesses in the wedding and event industry.  An easy way to do this is to have a webpage designated Preferred Vendors; Favorite Recommendations, et, with live weblinks to each other.    If you don’t have access to your companies website, maybe consider appealing this idea to management to look at the value of exchanging weblinks.  TCWEP is full of incredible businesses to exchange weblinks with, as well as being a member on tcwep.com’s site.   If you made a goal to connect two businesses to your website each month and they exchange back with you; by the end of year, you would have 24 incredibly valuable weblinks that google/search engines will notice.   See more on why your website needs to have links to it.
  3. Blog Features When you meet incredible people & businesses, considering featuring them on your blog.  This will be beneficial to all involved with weblinks, exposure of fabulous businesses, and you’ll soon obtain expert status with connections in the event industry.  Don’t have a business website or blog that you manage or can add content to? Personal blogs may be an option and are available for free. (google free blog sites)
  4. Word of Mouth Client Referrals are worth their weight in gold. Their is nothing better/easier on sales / sets you above the competition than talking with a potential client that has been referred word of mouth by a mutual friend or colleague.   Get to know your fellow colleagues that are networking,  strive to bring referrals to one another.  ASK your clients what else they need/want/dream for their event, be the industry expert and be able to refer some of the best in the industry to each other.
Merry TCWEP Networking!
tcwep networking founders
TCWEP Founders: Michelle T, Matthew S. and Elizabeth S
tcwep networking at The Food Building
Matthew S. at December 2017 TCWEP Event at The Food Building

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