Spotlight on Chad Peterson, President of Renee’s Limousines

Renee’s Limousines is an award-winning company that is dedicated to the highest standard of quality, safety, and reliability since 1992. Renee’s Limousines provides impeccable transportation in Minneapolis and St Paul with attention to every detail, whether for weddings, corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, special events, brewery or wine tours with an incredible fleet of Limousines, Executive Coaches, Mercedes Sprinters, and even modernized San Francisco Style Trolleys. Listen in to Chad Peterson, President of Renee’s Limousines, as he shares some of the tips and secrets to their success with this award winning, luxury transportation business in the Twin Cities.

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Spotlight on Reena Maheshwari owner of Kahani Events & Design

Kahani Events & Design offers a wide range of services from rentals to home staging to complete wedding & event planning combining cultures, with specialty in south Asian weddings, blending different combinations of customs and traditions together.
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Spotlight on Jenna Culley owner of Jenna Culley Events

Host Elizabeth Sherry connected with Jenna Culley of Jenna Culley Events. Jenna has been in business for eight years now and specializes in weddings for the busy professional. Listen for more information on some advice she shares on getting started correctly on planning your wedding. For more information on Jenna, go to

Spotlight on Sharon Planer, Pianist for Parties

Sharon Planer, Pianist for Parties has a great reputation in the Twin Cities performing live music for weddings and events, and holiday parties. Sharon shares some stories about her clients and the services she is able to provide; as well as some of her favorite themed events to be a part of, and creating a beautiful atmosphere that greets guests with music as they arrive.

Spotlight on Jamie Page, Owner of RexVid, the video collaboration app

Host Elizabeth Sherry connects with Jamie Page owner of RexVid. RexVid is a video collaboration app used for special occasions like weddings, retirements and other function to landmark with something special. Jamie speaks to some areas of success he has had with marketing and growing his business.

Spotlight on Jesse Wilken owner of Event Venue – Northern Stacks Events

Host Elizabeth Sherry connects with Jesse Wilken owner of Northern Stacks Events Venue. Jesse shares some important customer service tips to be more successful in this industry. Northern Stacks Events in Fridley is the perfect spot to have your industrial-style wedding or a unique corporate event. Located just 3 minutes south of Interstate 694 off East River Road in the Northern Stacks industrial park, this 3,100 square foot event space is nestled along the train tracks in the building shared with Forgotten Star Brewery.
The space is fully customizable by you! There is enough space for approximately 150 for a
For more information log onto

Spotlight on Laura Adler, Owner of Adler Financial

Laura Adler with Adler Financial helps small business owners all over the country with their finances and bookkeeping. She provides exceptional confidence with bookkeeping and finances of her client’s businesses, providing services that allow the finance side of business be manageable, understandable and on track, allowing her clients to have more time and freedom to pursue what they love to do in their business.

Spotlight on Sarah Kenville MA, LMFT – Owner of Enrich Your Relationship

Sarah Kenville is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) offering services all over the country virtually, as well as offering a dog friendly office for her clients in St Louis Park, MN. Sarah provides premarital counseling and relationship assessment for dating, engaged, newlywed, and same sex couples using the PREPARE/ENRICH inventory. She utilizes a strengths and skills-based approach, helping couples learn healthier ways to communicate and resolve conflict; discuss views on financial management, parenting, and other topics; learning more about their shared values and interests; and build the foundation for a strong relationship.

Spotlight on Jamie Spellerberg owner of Wilderland Floral

Host Elizabeth Sherry touches base with Jamie Spellerberg, owner and solo-entrepreneur of Wilderland Floral. Jamie is inspired by earthy botanicals that sound us in our daily lives. Listen for more information on where she delivers her inspiration and found the courage to begin her entrepreneur journey.

DJ Greg Ellis Interview

We speak with DJ Greg Ellis about his early beginnings as a DJ, how he met his wife, and some of the amazing insights he has for business networking. Listen in.

Preparedness Planning Part #1

Event planning expert Elizabeth Sherry discusses post-COVID19 preparedness plans with two special guests: Nikki McClain, Royal Foundry Craft Sprirts; Julie Teran, CRAVE Catering. Listen in as they do a deep dive into the topic that has many venues and restaurant owners wondering what steps they need to take following the COVID19 pandemic.

Our Hearts Go Out

Matthew Sherry, Michelle Tverberg, and Elizabeth Sherry all share some of their feelings and thoughts during this era of COVID19 and the tragic killing of George Floyd in our community.

Networking Insights from Jeannine Pohl – Top Twin Cities Photographer

Owner of Jeannine Marie Photography, Block Studios in St. Paul Minnesota joins Paul on “Event-Industry Insider” podcast discussing her work in the world of photography, how she networks and how you can improve your networking skill set. Listen now.
For more information log onto You’ll learn a lot about her start and approach.

How To Be Good At Networking With Michelle Tverberg

You want to learn how to be good at business networking and Michelle Tverberg has over a decade of networking experience. Listen in as she shares for fifteen minutes about her networking group, tips, and how to be good at it all.

Networking 101 with Matthew Sherry

Matthew Sherry, CEO of Complete Weddings + Events Twin Cities, shares in this episode of Event-Industry Insider on how to approach networking, how not to do it, and a little bit of why it all matters for one’s company and/or business individual.