Business-to-Business (B2B) Membership is defined as those that market to TCWEP event vendors.

B2B Membership investment is based on Company Employee Size + an additional $500 
Your B2B investment for membership is based on the number of employees in your company (see yearly pricing); and all B2B’s must contribute an additional membership-investment-give of $500, which goes towards marketing to our members.  So your B2B Membership will typically vary between $750 – $900 for the year. 

New! Even More B2B Benefits
Listed separately in a more elite group in our monthly event programs Company Logo/Link in our monthly newsletter  One informational article featured in TCWEP newsletter (limited quantity)
See all of the general membership benefits

Non-member B2B’s can only attend events once per year As of September 2019, B2B’s are only allowed a one-time entrance to our events as a non-member. After that they must determine if they would like to invest in a B2B membership as they will not be allowed to attend any TCWEP events for the year without a B2B membership.  

Why All The B2B Membership Changes & Requirements? 
We want to protect the integrity of our group by allowing a selective amount of B2B’s to be in the room.  We need the B2B’s that are present to contribute to the health of our organization. Most of all we want both TCWEP and our B2B members to feel a win-win when participating in our events.

Renew / Join Us Today
To renew/join please complete the online membership form and complete your initial membership payment.  A paypal invoice will follow for the additional required $500 B2B membership investment. (If paying by check if preferred, please indicate when completing the membership form.) 

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