Perseveres, Pivotable

Criteria: Person or Business that not only survives, but thrives in the midst of change and uncertainty, able to pivot and adjust, creates opportunities, gives hope to those around them, inspires innovation, adaptation and leadership.

Three Peer-Nominated Mountain Mover Award Finalists: Tami Cabrera, Muddy Paws Cheesecake; Reena Maheshwari, Kahani Events & Design; Ari Reynolds, COMPLETE Weddings & Events
TCWEP Peer-nominated Wedding Warrior Award Finalist Tami Cabrera 2024

Tami Cabrera
Muddy Paws Cheesecake

After growing up in Chicago’s restaurant industry, Owner Tami Cabrera acquired a taste for a dessert synonymous with Chicago—cheesecake. After moving here in 1991, she found it impossible to find such cheesecake so she started her own business. Today, 31 Years Later, their St. Louis Park, MN based facility produces hundreds of Chicago style cheesecakes weekly. All of their cheesecakes are made from scratch in small batches daily with as many local ingredients as possible. They are known for their work in charity, giving back and community efforts. Tami and Muddy Paws Cheesecake have won over 170 awards, including Best in MN. For more information go to or email Tami

TCWEP has not only helped Muddy Paws Cheesecake grow its wedding business but it’s helped us develop meaningful relationships, that transcend beyond business. I’m eternally thankful for all Matt, Michelle and Elizabeth do for us and for all of the friendships and connections we’ve made thru TCWEP. Small Businesses succeed when there’s a village. The TCWEP village is the BEST! ❤️ Tami

Sorry: but it’s been a year! I’ve never handled so much uncertainty, pressure, pivot, standing strong amongst great challenges, misperceptions, debt while also trying to inspire + create new biz. GRATEFUL to you all! Working HARD to survive & I will!

What Tami’s Peers Say…
Tami has endured overwhelming challenges to her business over the years and continues to fight and survive. Even in the midst of the challenges, she has a heart of gold and always supports those around her.
Tami is a consistent giver, always goes above and beyond, a truly generous soul that cares about the people around her — she is 100% genuine and shines kindness and the best cheesecake everywhere she goes.

TCWEP Peer-nominated Diamond Award Finalist Reena Maheshwari 2024

Reena Maheshwari
Kahani Events & Design

My name is Reena Maheshwari, and I always knew Kahani would be part of my story. Starting Kahani had been on my mind for a number of years, as I saw a gap in the wedding & event market in the Minneapolis | St. Paul area with respect to culturally specific and multicultural events. 

Planning events is something I’ve done with my family ever since I was a teenager. Graduation parties, birthday celebrations, weddings, and large scale community events – I planned it all throughout high school and college.   In college I completed a BS in Merchandising and Management, a Master’s in Education, and after a few different management experiences, ran and/co-owned a business in the design & construction industry for over a decade. Meanwhile I still helped with community events, weddings, art shows, and continued doing henna for many couples.  Listening to many of my friends about the lack of resources, decor, rentals, and planning services for multicultural weddings & events in Minnesota and nearby areas, I realized I needed and wanted to put my skills to use in helping bridge that gap. 

 I started Kahani Events & Design officially in 2019, and am now celebrating 5 years in this business!  I offer rentals, design, planning services, and henna for multicultural and/or South Asian couples. I also started Colorful Weddings – a vendor collective intended to highlight BIPOC and culturally specific businesses in the wedding industry.

TCWEP helped me make the connections that are so vital in this industry to success. From client referrals to business assistance – it is helpful to have a wedding community to draw on. I really value that I can both gain and provide  connections and resources through this group.

What Reena’s Peers Say…
Reena is so welcoming and established with such an open and inclusive view of the wedding and event industry. I’ve seen her work with many of her peers to elevate and lift them up, which is the ultimate goal of TCWEP.
She’s literally creating opportunities and helping events pivot toward better cultural awareness and inclusion.
Making the way with not only her business but new organization of vendors being more inclusive toward cultural weddings. Education for what the needs of cultural events and bipoc couples have. She saw how our industry had a gap she filled it.

TCWEP Peer-nominated Wedding Warrior Award Finalist Ari Reynolds 2024

Ari Reynolds
COMPLETE Weddings & Events

Ari Reynolds is a photographer, motivational speaker and business coach for event professionals nationwide. As owner of Ari Reynolds Photography and head of sales for Complete Weddings and Events – Twin Cities, Ari has celebrated numerous major accomplishments both personal and professional.

In 2015 Ari joined Complete as a photographer and in 2017 became its head of sales. After just two short years with her in the position Complete Weddings and Events – Twin Cities won Franchise of the Year from their corporate leaders in 2019.

2023 was a record breaking year for Complete Weddings and Events – Twin Cities.  Ari and her team remain on track to do it again in 2024! She is a light that shines bright and there is nothing that stands in her way.

What Ari’s Peers Say …
There isn’t enough space to sing Ari’s praises. She is THE HARDEST working person I know who is incredibly dependable and non-stop driven. I honestly don’t know how she manages to “do it all” while being a mom, friend, creative, and salesperson.
Amazing networker. Always present, looks for the best interest of others, and encourages community among us.
Ari is so welcoming to new and old members of TCWEP alike. She has pivoted from her Photography Business to a shining star behind Complete’s Marketing team.
Ari is always lifting others up around her and ready to cheer you on. She is always friendly and supportive.
Ari Reynolds Is a great human and wonderful colleague that will always go above and beyond to make sure they have great experiences.