Networker, Supportive

Criteria: Consistently impacts the successful outcome of events. A pivotal team member who goes above-and-beyond, making it all happen.

Three Peer-Nominated Mountain Mover Award Finalists: Evelyn Miller, Epitome Papers; Noe Sanchez, Viva La Fiesta DJ Entertainment; Ryan Veil, Studio Veil Wedding Services
TCWEP Peer-nominated Member of the Year Award Finalist Evelyn Miller 2024

Evelyn Miller
Epitome Papers

With a background in illustration and book arts, it is not surprising that I found myself telling couple’s stories through my design work with wedding stationery. I love seeing what ideas our clients come up with in our first meeting, and then the excitement they have when it all starts to come together into something beautiful. Growing long-lasting connections with our fellow vendors, partners, and local artists is also something I hold very close to my heart and business model.

I remember the very first time I attended a TCWEP meetup. It was at the Hutton House and a fellow wedding stationery, Josie of Ivory Isles invited me. I was SO nervous since I was just starting in the wedding industry. That quickly changed as TCWEP is one of the most warm, welcoming, and helpful vendor groups in Minnesota hands down. You can promote your business, and be yourself! I have met so many different vendors who have become long-time friends and we have strong professional partnerships with. This group is one of the best investments I make with my business each year as it pays itself hand over fist with the amount of work we receive from referrals.

What Evelyn’s Peers Say…
She loves working with other TCWEP members and is always available not only to help out a styled shoot with beautiful products but also deals with some of our challenging clients with grace and professionalism. I also love how she gets into our wackiness by dressing as directed for things like our holiday party or the murder mystery party. Evelyn is a gem! 

TCWEP Peer-nominated Member of the Year Award Finalist Noe Sanchez 2024

Noe Sanchez
Viva La Fiesta DJ Entertainment

TCWEP has played a pivotal role in establishing a dedicated networking space for wedding industry professionals, and in my own experience, it has also fostered genuine friendships. One of the highlights of this journey is the opportunity to collaborate with friends, effortlessly blending camaraderie with our professional endeavors. Witnessing the remarkable growth, both personally and professionally, among myself and my colleagues has been incredibly fulfilling. This a testament to the supportive community and growth-oriented atmosphere that TCWEP cultivates.

What Noe’s Peers Say…
Viva La Fiesta is filling a need for Latin parties and more. Noe balances his experiences as a DJ with friendliness and professionalism. I appreciate Noe’s approachable personality.
Noe’s business is thriving! He is growing in his staff and his product. Many venues know his business and can give him a big thumbs up when they share DJ vendors to their clients.

TCWEP Peer-nominated Member of the Year Award Finalist Ryan Veil 2024

Ryan Veil
Studio Veil Wedding Services

We’re not a nationwide corporation or a big box company. It’s just us – a small team of people who will treat you like family. We don’t live way across the country. What we are is a team of local artists and professionals from right here in Minneapolis/St. Paul that believes in love and in doing our part to help celebrations of love. Our goal is to make it easier for couples to celebrate their love by providing multiple high-quality wedding services from one powerhouse team.

Stay Humble,Hustle Hard

(The Unofficial Motto Of Our Multi-talented Team)

Here’s the thing about us: We’re here to help. We’ve talked brides down from ledges, helped caterers break down tables, and pinned boutonnieres onto tuxedos. We’ll laugh, bring the fun, and always keep our heads even when something goes wrong. At Studio Veil, we think of ourselves as ducks on water. We may be crazy kicking underneath to keep things rolling smoothly, but above the water, we’ll always stay calm and collected.

Weddings are our where we got our start but we also work with dozens of corporate clients and other private celebrations every year. We bring that same level of service and professionalism to every event we have the privilege of partnering with.

TCWEP has provided a peer group. Friends. Support. Sense of belonging…when you are an entrepreneur, many of your interactions are with clients alone. It’s easy to feel like you’re on an island by yourself, going through the day-to-day tasks, just waiting till you get to see other people again when working events. TCWEP provides a group of like-minded people that are doing the same thing. It’s great to have others to share, or commiserate, with. We share stories. We break bread together. On the business side, we WORK together. We are all on the same team which is the team that takes care of events in the twin cities so we may as well refer each other and work with people we know, like, and trust. It makes our work environment more enjoyable for us and I would argue that it makes for a better experience and end product for our clients as well. When I first started at TCWEP, I admit I struggled with feeling awkward pressure because of all the “competition” in the room. I’m happy that over time, that feeling as dissipated and instead I feel welcomed, a sense of belonging, and that I’m walking into a group of friends on the 2nd Wed of the month.

T-CWEP for life!

What Ryan’s Peers Say…
Reliable, very present face and voice in our industry.
Ryan is always such a big part of the TCWEP events, he is a legit hype man! He is so inclusive and is always eager to work with you and get to know you. He is personable and does amazing work! He is far from “new” bu deserves a shout out either way!
Ryan has been THE person to network this year. I’ve had the pleasure of lunch and a basketball game with him.,