Elite, Proven

Criteria: Has the industry “it” factor. They get it, they show it, they share it, they are it! The crème de la crème.

Three Peer-Nominated Mountain Mover Award Finalists: Heather Hanson, Heather Hanson Photography; Tami Johnson, Studio B Floral Designs; Jessica Knighton, Jessica Knighton Photography
TCWEP Peer-nominated Diamond Award Finalist Heather Hanson 2024

Heather Hanson
Heather Hanson Photography

“Timeless Photography for Offbeat Couples” Heather is dedicated to capturing genuine, raw human emotion through playful and experimental photography. 

With a background in photojournalism and 14+ years of experience photographing couples, she tells the story of both the wedding day and the couple in a unique combination of candids, details, and portraits.

TCWEP has brought me out of my shell. It’s given me the confidence to network, collaborate, and run my business without the “imposter syndrome.” I feel like I continue to learn and grow both as an entrepreneur and as a wedding photographer.

What Heather’s Peers Say…
Heather is a giver of her time and talent! She’s dedicated to Tcwep and has the best intentions!
This amazing human always has and always will be a proven factor to others when needed and even if they didn’t know it, she always is a great connector and communicator!

TCWEP Peer-nominated Diamond Award Finalist Tami Johnson 2024

Tami Johnson
Studio B Floral Designs

Tami’s interactions with flowers & design began at an early age in Idaho where she watched her mother tending their flower gardens on the family farm. Tami even recalls getting scolded when she cut her mother’s flowers to make arrangements out of them.  Her business really got started in 2003, when Tami decided she would create the flowers for her own wedding. Never being one for doing things halfway, she took professional floral design courses and fell head-over-heels in love with everything about the floral business. Tami is much more than just a florist. She treats every wedding as her own! She limits the number of clients she takes on per week, in order to provide individual attention to each couple’s weddings. Couples love her calm demeanor, attention to detail, creative ideas and her expertise to pick the perfect flowers and decor for their weddings.

I am an introvert and find it hard to talk to new people, but TCWEP is a welcoming environment that has opened me up to the idea of Networking outside my comfort zone.  I have developed my networking skills because of this group.  TCWEP has been a great place to network to meet new people and connect in the Wedding Industry.  The group is a great resource for referrals for my business and to find great professionals to refer.  It can be lonely being a solo-preneur and it is great to have a group of like minded Wedding and Event Professionals to bounce ideas off of and to reach out to if I need something.  I look forward to our monthly meetings and seeing all of my “Friendors” that I have made through this group and making new connections, as well.

What Tami’s Peers Say…
Tami has been around for a long time in our industry but remains current, dependable, talented and classy. She is a wonderful human!
No other area of vendors has had to change and pivot plans as much as florists have in the last few years. With the rising cost of flowers, hard goods and staffing, and the uncertainty of her product, Tami always delivers for her clients and vendors!

TCWEP Peer-nominated Diamond Award Finalist Jessica Knighton 2024

Jessica Knighton
Jessica Knighton Photography

Jess believes in providing an outstanding wedding day experience, in part by preparing her couples for the day, and in part by working with their team to pull off amazing, smooth, and seemingly effortless events! By being inclusive of all types of love, guiding her couples to have more sustainable events, and bringing the energy, she ensures that every couple feels special, and walks away with timeless images and art to cherish and pass down for generations!

TCWEP turns a seemingly competitive industry collaborative and brings life to an otherwise lonely work life as a small business owner. I value the relationships I’ve made the knowledge from around the wedding and event space, which in turn makes us all a little better at our jobs. TCWEP has been one of the biggest game-changers as a wedding photographer!

What Jessica’s Peers Say …
I remember one of my first conversations with Jessica, she came up to me at a meeting and said I want to do what you do, and I have watched her do just that. From networking to volunteering! This girl is everywhere!
Jessica is always on the lookout of how she can be of service and give back to her fellow vendors. We all respect not only her photography work but also how she is pushing us as an industry to be more sustainable and think about events differently.
I love Jess’ multi-faceted approach to her position in the wedding & event industry. She prioritizes sustainability just as much as inclusiveness and her artistic photography. She’s a leader who inspires me to be conscious & look for opportunities.