Leslie Johnson, Award Winner

My primary creative expression is writing, which is part of why couples enjoy collaborating with me; I “translate” their story, their outlook on marriage…their life together, into a custom expression of their love in their marriage ceremony. My vocation as a celebrant/officiant called me to pursue an MA in Religion & Theology from United Theological Seminary as well as certification in Premarital Counseling.

I am an introvert…which works amazingly well in my role as an officiant…it’s all about the couple and their gathering! However, my desire to be more open and social in the role of collaborating with fellow vendors was an area that learning to network has greatly improved. In short…TCWEP helped take the hesitancy out of meeting other professionals and has facilitated so much fun in the process. The group really embodies a collaborate vs compete ethos, there is a lot of laughter, story telling, and skill sharing. Best of all, I so enjoy the friendships that I have found in the fellowship. – Leslie Johnson

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