Ari Reynolds, Award Winner Twin Cities

“At each and every TCWEP meeting I met wedding and event professionals that I add into my personal rolodex of vendors. I am able to then refer them to clients and fellow vendors. I can trust that they share the same integrity and professionalism that I do. When working events with vendors I have meet within the group, execution is flawless. Every month I send 10+ new vendors to TCWEP events, I know the events are a comfortable environment where all vendors are welcome and can blossom into their true potential with the guidance that TCWEP brings to the table. Not only does this help my clients but the group helps my business look even better just by being a part of such a great organization. I am thankful for the knowledge I gain from our monthly meetings and the content share by the group. The second Wednesday of every month is my favorite day. I make these meetings a priority by blocking off time in my calendar because is my most productive day!” – Ari Reynolds

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