Historic Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard is a family owned and operated business. With the owners living on the farmstead. They have been the owners since 2001, and the farm is listed on the Historic Register. Much of their time living here has been spent saving, and lovingly restoring the huge barn, which was condemned and dangerously close to collapsing.
Historic Hope glen Farm & Vineyard in Cottage Grove

Fun Fact

The original owner of the farm is believed to have unknowingly fed a farm breakfast to infamous gangster Machine Gun Kelly. Early one morning in the 1930’s a well-dressed stranger knocked on her door requesting breakfast. She made him something to eat, afterwards he gave her a ten dollar bill, (Back in the 1930’s that would’ve equated to about $100 in value) and went on his way. Later it was rumored that the armed bootlegger was seen in the area.
tree house wedding
Historic Hope Glen Farm Tree House Suite, photo by Kelly Birch Photography
In 2012 their successful printing company failed and they almost lost the farm due to foreclosure, but weddings rescued them! They like to think that they saved the historic barn and then the barn saved them! their family has a history of treehouses, so they built a luxury Treehouse Honeymoon Suite with the attempt to create very special place for our brides and grooms to stay the night of their special wedding.
Historic Hope Glen Farm and Vineyard bride
Wedding at Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard, photo by Jeannine Marie Photography
Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard is a story of God’s amazing grace. They give Him all the glory and thanks for any success that they may have! Hope Glen Farm is a special place, and they are privileged and humbled to be the stewards of it. We at TCWEP are so honored to be hosted at this beautiful venue. Paula & Michael Buschilla Learn more about what Historic Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard has to offer for your special events. Also, we highly suggest taking a look at the Historic Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard’s Tree House photo gallery.