Congratulations Terri Uy-Lennon, Uy-Lennon Floral & Events

“Terri with Uy-Lennon Floral & Events shines as Member of the Year, she participates and volunteers at every opportunity, gives her best to help connect vendors, build working relationships, fostering growth and helping others realize their potential. She gives without thought of what she will get in return, and is incredibly genuine in all her efforts.” – Michelle Tverberg, TCWEP Cofounder

Nominated and Awarded by event industry peers, the MEMBER OF THE YEAR AWARD – TCWEP member, participates and knows the value of word of mouth referrals, sharing resources and building friendships.

Terri preparing florals for wedding

Hello! I’m Terri with Uy Lennon Floral & Design, floral designer, artist, wife & mother. I am the face and hands behind the business.  Flowers inspire me, they always have! My love of flowers began as a small child.  I was that kid who was always picking flowers, making bouquets & floral crowns.  Not much has changed there! 

My design style is simple, romantic & elegant, with a whimsical touch. I believe in letting the natural beauty of flowers shine.  I took on the role of floral designer 14 years ago when I did flowers for my own wedding. After that, word got out and I began to design flowers for more weddings & events (family, friends, neighbors and so on).  And that is how my floral studio came to be.