Sara Hayden is a baker, entrepreneur, recipe creator, philanthropist, wife and mother of five. Sara likes to create homemade pies with a kick of local alcohol since 2012. She uses beer, wine and other locally crafted alcohols and infuses them into delicious pie fillings with an all-star crust recipe she got from her mother. She caters weddings, private events, and has a successful booth in the Food Building within the gates of the Minnesota State Fair.
Pies at State Fair
Michelle Tverberg at Sara’s Tipsy Pies stand at the MN State Fair
“I visited Sara’s Tipsy Pies on two separate days when I was at the MN State Fair this year. Her Boozey Blueberry Lemon pie is absolutely delicious. My sister, daughter and I scarfed it down so fast. It was worth coming back to the fair for another one! YUM!” -Michelle Tverberg, co-founder of TCWEP networking group.

Sara’s Tipsy Pies at TCWEP Industry Event

“Dessert was provided by Sara’s Tipsy’s Pies, which some of you may have sampled (or inhaled, as I did) at The Minnesota State Fair. I had a Salted Caramel Apple Pie that I split with my neighboring seat mate. We both agreed that it was absolutely delicious…” Read more about Sarah’s latest pies at our TCWEP event here.
Saras Tipsy Pies
Some of Sara’s Tipsy Pies, boozey-filled fruit pies
For booking information: Sara’s Tipsy Pies