Thankful for You

We are Grateful in the midst of an unprecedented year

We are wow’ed by the resourcefulness, pivoting and adapting nature of our members & clients. We are listening & learning; and we know that this year, 2020 will certainly have stories that will be shared with generations.

November Upcoming Events

Topic: Winning New Business in the Virtual World

Attend one or both events; each is unique with variations on the topic, and more. Furloughed or Unemployed?  Complimentary Event Tickets for Fall 2020; Promo Code: ONWARD

Northern Stacks Events

Northern Stacks Events

Wednesday, Nov 11th 11am-1pm

•   Boxed Lunch Provided
•   Special Guest Troy Parkinson with SagePresence 
•   Small-group discussions
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Virtual Event
Wednesday, Nov. 18th 11am – 12noon

  • Special Guest Troy Parkinson with Sage Presence
  • Group Discussions
  • One-on-One Networking

Covid19 Preparedness Plan We follow current CDC guidelines to ensure each of our events is as safe as possible. Please attend at your own risk. Contact us with any questions at

Upcoming Winter Events

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October Event Summary
Majestic Oaks Golf Club

Majestic Oaks Golf Club

Tucked away in the Northern Twin Cities, Majestic Oaks Golf Club sits on 260 acres, offering 45 holes with endless picturesque settings and a variety of ballroom spaces with the ability to accommodate everything from an intimate social gathering to a 400 person elegant affair.
October Sponsors: Venue & Catering, Majestic Oaks Golf Club, Venue & Catering Special Guest Speaker, Paul M. – Slingshot Branding & PR Photographer, Ari Reynolds – Complete Weddings + Events

Event Education
Paul M. owner of Slingshot Branding & PR was October’s guest speaker

Video 1 Let’s Talk A Bit About Branding

Listen in as Paul shares entertaining insight into the concepts of building a brand, marketing, and a whole lot more. Along with the “Obituary Test” used to find what motivates and matters to you.

Video 2 Let’s Talk About Your Brand Purpose

Paul dives deeper into the topic of branding, going to the heart of it, your purpose.


9 Insights for Throwing a Holiday Party in 2020

From an Event Planner

If you are like me, you love hosting celebrations at home; one of your favorite hobbies is bringing people together. Unfortunately, not only have we not been able to do our favorite hobby for several months due to the COVID pandemic, but we also are realizing the coming holiday season (the most opportune time for our hobby) is going to be different. Thankfully not all is lost!

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Lightning Venue Tours
See Twin Cities Venues & Accommodations Fast
Join our zany hosts Matthew Sherry, Michelle Tverberg, and Elizabeth Sherry as they give entertaining tours of these special local venues and hot-spots of the Twin Cities.

Historic Hope Glen Farm
Honeymoon Treehouse via AirBnB
Cottage Grove, MN
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Community Corner

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Matthew Sherry, Elizabeth Sherry, Michelle Tverberg
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We are so grateful for all of our members and event attendees.
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Thank you!
Matthew S., Elizabeth S. and Michelle T. – TCWEP Founders