Michelle is married to her high school sweetheart with two grown kids in the northern metro. Loves photography, horses, and family time. Photography began as a hobby her & her husband shared together for over 20 years.

Pursuing photography as a career came after she experienced some tragic personal life events and she came a cross roads in her life where she had to decide between choosing delight over despair. Delight literally means “to give great joy”. Something that stood in Michelle’s mind was this Psalm “Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desires.”

With a passion to capture some of life’s most amazing moments — she is blessed that this is more than just a job to her.   Her desire is that her photos will inspire deep joy and memories that will live long in the heart in the years to come.


012 Brides Choice Award, Wedding Wire
2011 Brides Choice Award, Wedding Wire
2010 Brides Choice Award, Wedding Wire

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