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Stacy networking entrepreneur Michelle Tverberg celebrates 10 years with awards gala

Stacy resident and entrepreneur Michelle Tverberg said she didn’t imagine back in 2009 when she started a networking group, Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals, that it would still be going strong 10 years later with about 150 monthly attendees.

She is celebrating a Gilded Awards Gala on April 10 at Royal Foundry Craft & Spirits in Minneapolis.

In 2002, Tverberg said, she had a wedding photography business, Delight Photography.

“In 2009, when the recession was hitting everybody, there was a small handful of us who got together with humble beginnings and we started this networking group. Matthew Sherry of Complete Weddings + Events and I decided to start networking together as a way to share our businesses between our customers. By word of mouth, it just took off.” Tverberg said.

According to Tverberg, the Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals started small; with folding chairs, canned soda, and participants bringing in slow cookers of meatballs from home to share at their meetings of a dozen entrepreneurs. That number began to grow, and within a couple of years, the number reached 150. Over the past 10 years, the group consistently has a monthly attendance of 80-175.

“Each month we go to a different wedding event venue in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas,” Tverberg said, “It makes it a win-win situation when wedding event professionals see these venue and spaces so we’re familiar with them. When clients call, whether it be a hotel, golf course, farm or whatever venue they make be looking at; this group makes it solid for a client looking for an event.”

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Family Life

Tverberg grew up in Wyoming. She graduated from Forest Lake High School in 1986 and married Vern Tverberg, who was in the Marine Corps. They have two children, Jake and Becca.

“I have to give kudos to my husband’s support of me being a mom in business and raising a family, ” she said. “This would have never gone well without his support for our family and him giving me wings to pursue my creative interests, passions in networking and a few leaps of faith with my photography business.”

Michelle Tverberg with her father, Hank Cram.

Tverberg credits her dad, Hank Cram, for instilling values and a strong work ethic.

“I definitely have to attribute my entrepreneurial spirit to my dad. His confidence to strike up a conversation with anyone that comes across his path has made a strong impact on me and my six siblings.” she said. “It has helped shape and mold us as we pursue our passions and interests.”

Cram has been a resident of Wyoming for over 30 years, owner of Wyoming Roofing – Commercial Flat Roofs; PTL Automotive Repair and is a Vietnam veteran.

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Awards Gala

The Awards Gala on April 10th will include peer-nominated business owners for 10 awards in categories ranging from Best Catering to Best Event Planner in the Twin Cities. Winners will be announced during the event awards ceremony followed by a celebration of food, drink and socializing. Tickets for the event, open to the pubic, are $40 and can be purchased online at

“My best tip for networking for anyone would be meet someone new at the events, … exchange web links, social media shout-outs and online reviews for one another,” Tverberg said, “Ask your clients what else they need, want, and dream for their event. Be the industry expert and be able to refer the best in the events industry.”

Michelle Tverberg at a networking event. Photo by Heather Hansen Photography