TCWEP’s Lifeline Award is for the individual who will drop everything to help a “friendor” have a successful event. They have come through in high stress moments and times to save the day. All of course with the client ever noticing…

James Ehlenz with EMI Audio

On New Years Eve he helped save Calvin’s event. That’s huge. Can you imagine doing that for someone on NYE?! Am impressed. – Anonymous

He really does go above and beyond! – Anonymous

Tami Johnson with Studio B Floral Designs

Tami is always there and goes above and way beyond for her friends, couples and really anyone she meets! This year she stepped up in a difficult situation to take over a wedding last minute for us and the bride could not stop singing her praise! – Anonymous

Tami’s own creative skill seems to keep blooming in ever increasing artistic style! She has been not only a lovely friendor with whom to collaborate, she has responded to the need for a lifeline with friendliness and without the need of being seen as a hero. – Anonymous

Georgene Vesey with Afton House Inn

She is always there willing to help, volunteer unlimited. Knows everyone. If you were 100 miles away and needed something call her, if she cannot help you she knows who can. Love this lady! – Anonymous

Georgene goes above and beyond to meet new people. She has been in the business many years and has many connections. She is always connecting members. – Anonymous