During the planning process for this event, it is no surprise to us that the fastest replies with the content and information we needed came from the four amazing ladies in this category. The event planners are the core to the success at events with their calm demeanor and quick acting instincts.

Maddie Huntwork – Ask for the Moon Events
Worked many seamless weddings together. Knows how to take care of every detail! The Best!” – Anonymous

Personality & Kindness” – Anonymous

I have always appreciated her friendly presence but when I saw her in action I had an elevated impression of her skills! We worked together at a multi-cultural wedding with a lot of “moving pieces” and a myriad of special requests. I saw her keep her calm while being pulled in SO many directions! ” – Anonymous

Angi Larson – Hart & Sole
she is just best planner with the kindest heart! -Anonymous

Moderate prices, friendliness, team player amongst Twin Cities wedding planners” – Anonymous

Jaime Engebretson – J’aime Events
“I’ve worked with Jaime many times over the past 18 months and she is a Pro! She is Spot on for even the most mundane detail so that the event goes off without a hitch! Her clients love her and the venues say nothing but Amazing things about her services. Jaime truly deserves this award!” – Anonymous

There are many talented planners in the group but would nominate myself for the award based on my experience level, style and network circle outside of just the TCWEP group.” – Anonymous

Jaime does a great job for the clients, from design to planning to coordination. She is also very talented on the business side in marketing and efficiency. She is the whole package!” – Anonymous

Dana Allison – Keyed Up Events
Dana has been phenomenal to work with over the past couple of years. Regardless of what venue I’ve been at she has been there to support me. She is willing to offer advice and show up to any open house I invite her to. She even stops by my wedding show booth to give me a break when I’m working a show alone! ” – Anonymous

“Dana is always on her game, she is relatable and recommends people and companies from all different skill levels. Dana is willing to give anyone a shot and have their back during the thick and thin! “ – Anonymous

Consistent, helpful, referrals.” – Anonymous

Dana Allison of Keyed up Events. She is the best! She is constantly willing to help out other planners and treats her clients with the most respect. She loves what she does. ” – Anonymous

Dana is a great coworker and she does some really cool events. She connects people and works well with others. I think is is approachable and kind and doesn’t look down on low budgets events but can really wow on the big ones too.” – Anonymous

“Dana A., Keyed Up Events. Although I have not personally worked at an event that was coordinated by Dana, I have heard enough testimonials at TCWEP to know that I would feel comfortable recommending her. ” – Anonymous

“Keyed Up Events, Dana A. She looks out for others in her industry, volunteers to set up big events just to educate other planners.” – Anonymous

“Dana Allison, Keyed Up Events. I keep seeing her events. She doesn’t stop. She makes them happen. And is consistent.” – Anonymous

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