While we like to think everyone is approachable at our events, we are realistic enough to know that even though it’s exciting walking into an event along with 75 to 150 attendees, it can also be daunting.
Even for self-proclaimed extroverts!
An example is this year’s winner of the TCWEP Member of the Year award, Jeannine Pohl of Jeannine Marie Photography. She describes the first time she mustered up the courage to attend an event as “I forget where the event was held, but oh-boy do I remember sweating bullets going into the meeting!” She goes on to say that “Thanks to watching and learning from fellow TCWEP member Lori Snyder, I learned to approach networking as an opportunity to help and connect people.”

A little anxious & scared? That’s okay, we’ll help you

Being a bit anxious is common when we humans get outside of our comfort-zones. It’s very normal, and it’s one of the reasons people that visit TCWEP come to love it so much. It’s a very warm group.

Here’s a few perennial members that are certain to give you a smile and welcome, as well as introductions to others. Especially if you are new. Find them and mention you are new.

Look for these friendly faces

tcwep network
Both nominated for TCWEP Member of the year: Susan Lee Wright, owner of Perfect Day Wedding Ceremonies, and Lori Snyder of Rodan & Fields Rock Your Dermis, they are kind, thoughtful, and will be excited to talk with you.
Matthew Sherry
Matthew Sherry, co-founder TCWEP, a dad of 2 daughters, has Chihuahuas.
Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography
Jeannine Marie
Jeannine Pohl, voted TCWEP Member of the Year, owner of Jeannine Marie Photography. She’s photographed over 450 weddings, and loves to travel.
Michelle Tverberg, co-founder of TCWEP, she’s a wife and mom, works with horses on the weekends, and her favorite favorite wine is Raspberry by Winehaven.
Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography
Elizabeth Sherry
Elizabeth Sherry, program coordinator TCWEP, she’s a wife, mom, and has dogs. Oh, and she loves all things that shine and sparkle.
Photo by Jeannine Marie Photography
Jaime Engebretson
Jaime Engebretson, voted TCWEP Best Networker 2019, she used to be really shy while growing up, and has been intentional in getting out of her shell more – which is working well for her. She can be funny with a sarcastic wit too!

You are invited and welcome to network with us

These are just a few of the wonderful members who will be happy to talk with you and introduce you to others in our networking group.

Come visit at our next event. Find upcoming events here

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