Incredible TCWP New Year Networking today at Mahon Center at St. Patrick’s-Edina with 80 + attendees!   Thank you,  Après Party and Tent Rental   Grinkie Photography, LLC    EVENT PICS HERE Cheers to a fabulous New Year, TCWP! TCWP 2014 NETWORKING CHALLENGE: ~Meet with someone new inbetween events. ~Give social media shout outs to TCWP event sponsors; “Like” their pages, et ~Exchange weblinks, create/update preferred vendor lists. ~Blog about and cross market with vendors you meet. ~Ask your clients what they need, want and dream for their event. Be the industry expert and refer some of the best in the industry to each other. Best New Year’s Resolution heard today was that the person was committing to attending all 12 TCWP Events this year! Awesome! 2014 TCWP Referring To Each Other CONTEST: First TEN referrals which result in a booking/signed contract/deposit received in 2014 within TCWP attendees receives a $25 visa gift card from TCWP. Both parties must be in attendence at TCWP and share during testimonials verifying the referral/booking with contract/deposit. Person referring receives the gift card. … Ready, set go! Happy Networking & Referring Each Other! Let’s hear from you at February’s TCWP Event! (Contest open to TCWP attendees only) tcwep attendees netowrking Lori Snyder, Matt Sherry tcwep catering

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