Jeannine Pohl – Jeannine Marie Photography
“C’mon! Is there really an explanation needed for Jeannine! She has an amazing energy…professionally, emotionally, and ethically. She exudes joy and is exemplary of skill in photography, marketing, and relationships!” – Anonymous

Lori Snyder – Rock Your Dermis / Roden + Fields
“A bright sunshine that lights up the room who truly wants to help everyone to be their best! Goes the extra mile to help in any way possible. Donates a lot of her time.” – Anonymous

“I recently just met Lori and from my first time meeting her she made me feel welcome. she makes the wedding and event industry more friendly as she loves making connections with other vendors. She makes it known that she is there to help other businesses succeed and She is such a great connection to have.” – Anonymous

“Because shes bringing sexy back. And I’m just so dang happy she is back! She is such an amazing person in so many ways.” – Anonymous

Susan Lee-Wright – Perfect Day Ceremonies
“She has been a constant at the meetings and always welcoming to new people and an advocate for the group.” – Anonymous

“Susan is a warm human who always includes others and makes people feel welcome.” – Anonymous

“She made me feel so comfortable the first time I ever came to a networking event and always brings pens! So helpful! She always shows up to any open house I have as well. ” Anonymous

“She always has a smile and makes everyone feel welcome. At our last TCWEP meeting a first time newcomer acknowledged how Rev. Susan took the time to get to know her and make her feel welcome. I have known Rev. Susan ever since I started my music business and she always takes the time to give me a hug.” – Anonymous