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Want to know how to plan your wedding? Here’s some wedding industry trade secrets that will save you time, money, and stress on your big day. Twin Cities wedding vendor trade secrets from pro’s with over 40 years of professional combined knowledge – including catering, photography, decor, and entertainment.

About the show:
Recorded at Sherry Brother Studios
Matthew Sherry, Co-Founder TCWEP, Owner COMPLETE Weddings + Events Twin Cities
Michelle Tverberg, Co-Founder TCWEP, Real Estate Agent
Elizabeth Sherry, Director of Events + Special Programs TCWEP, Develpment and Engagement Manager at Minnesota Chamber of Commerce
Michael Sherry, Co-Owner COMPLETE Weddings + Events Twin Cities; Podcast Audio Engineer & Executive Producer
Paul Cram, Graphic Designer; Podcast Producer http://www.Slingshot.Work

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