Rack Shack BBQ prides themselves on putting guests at ease. They’re friendly & professional staff arrives fully prepared. They include plates, forks, knives, napkins, and all buffet service utensils and food-warming chaffers.
All-Weather Friendly
Rack Shack provides fully enclosed chaffers (the silver metal food heating containers seen in all the photos) that protect the food and heating source from weather elements – such as rain and wind. They’ve “got it covered” so to speak!

Hand-Crafted Sauces

Look for Rack Shack’s 8 hand-crafted vegetarian, gluten-free signature sauces at your local super market. Flavors include:
Carolina Vinegar East Coast sauce with a light smooth heat
Georgia Sticky Sweet, mild brown sugar & mustard flavors
Houston Fire Texas oil hot! Rich & bold
Kansas City Spice A thick sauce with a KC kick
Memphis Sweet Hints of chocolate with a smoky spice
New Orleans Ghost You should be scared…. it’s hauntingly HOT!
Savannah Heat Southern hot & spicy
St Paulie Savory Traditional BBQ sauce “Minnesota Nice”
As of this writing they are available at HyVee Lakeville, HyVee Eagan, and HyVee Savage. And currently in talks with more stores including CUB.

Today’s Menu

  • Sliced Beef Brisket
  • Pulled Pork
  • Large White Buns
  • Corn Bread Traditional, moist & cooling to the palate. Vegetarian
  • Claire Slaw Home made fresh daily traditional coleslaw. Gluten free, vegetarian
  • Cheesy Mac Not made from a box! 3-cheese blend with a kick of jalapeño