Join Elizabeth Sherry as she moderates a discussion with Amy Rastetter of Amy Rachel Makeup and Michelle Tverberg of Delight Photography as they take a deep dive into preparedness planning during this COVID19 era.

About Amy Rastetter

Amy Rastetter is a life-long cheesehead who’s makeup career began back in 2016. Following a successful 10 year run in corporate recruiting, the world of beauty and weddings came calling! Being involved in a such a special day in a Brides life is a true honor and one that she never takes for granted. Her goal is to offer her bridal clients (and clients in general) an experience that is unique, beautiful, simple and FUN!
Over 4 short years Amy has won The Knot Best of Wedding’s for both 2019 and 2020; has been published multiple times (featured in Minnesota Bride Magazine, Lake Bride Magazine, Brides & Weddings Magazine, Gay Weddings and Marriage Magazine, etc.), done makeup at SuperBowl 52 and 53, and last year did a record 50 weddings! 
She continues to be a loyal Packer fan, true horse addict and loves living in the beautiful Saint Croix Valley in WI.

About Michelle Tverberg

Michelle has a passion to capture some of life’s most amazing moments — she is blessed that this is more than just a job to her.   Her desire is that these pictures will inspire deep joy and memories that will live long in the heart in the years to come.
Michelle also gives credit to her husband, knowing his encouragement, love and technical knowledge is a perfect fit in accomplishing her dream to build a wonderful photography business.
We specialize in wedding photography, engagement sessions, high school senior portraits, family pictures and newborn photos.

About Elizabeth Sherry

Elizabeth Sherry is the Development & Engagement Manager for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce. She serves as the Director of Events & Programming for The Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals and is also the Director of Marketing & Communications on the board for Meeting Professionals International. She has won three International Live Event Association awards in the past couple years. Elizabeth has been a three time speaker at national Special Event Conference in 2013, 2014, 2015.

Show Dictation:

Hi everyone its Elizabeth Sherry program director for Twin Cities Wedding and Event Professionals and I am here with two fabulous ladies we are here to talk about our upcoming events and how we’re gonna get back to them safely for our clients and safely for ourselves so this is the second installment of our Collab Lab which is an education series that we have as an offshoot toward networking it’s always good to be able to network and connect and we learn from each other but now in these series we want to have the experience that we need during this coronavirus era.

So I have here today Michelle Tverberg of Delight Photography.
Hi Michelle!

Hello good to be here good to see you guys really love to see your faces

Great thanks Michelle and then we also have with Amy Rachel makeup artistry

oh it’s so good to see you ladies I love this I’m so excited oh it’s great to just listen to experts like yourselves in your field because me as a planner and just like what is it like doing makeup or what is it like doing photography now that we can’t touch people or you know it’s just a different understanding and it’s really good as a planner to go in and understand but also as other vendors so I’m really saying how this conversation with you ladies today

So how are you doing?

Yeah you know I’m doing well you know for people that don’t know I’m actually based out of Hudson Wisconsin so my life’s been a little bit different than all of my Minnesota vendor friends in the fact that back in mid-may our Supreme Court pretty much opened the state up basically said hey guess what you know overruling kind of everything that was going on so we went from 0 to 100 very quickly without a ton of guidance whereas I feel like Minnesota you know has really kind of taken their time and making sure that systems and things are really set in place and ready to go but overall my business has done well throughout this kind of whole thing which I’m very very grateful for I’m grateful for all my clients and all my supporters for that kind of dealing with pivoting and all that but

I’ve been back doing weddings now for a few weeks and that’s been fantastic so great oh good to hear yes wedding is having once again that’s so important Oh in Michele how are you how’s the wait photography doing Oh doing really good um as far as just taking some time what I have found for myself and it definitely events have slowed down but I have some coming up here in the fall which are great and my clients are excited for their events and we’re really we’re gonna go forward with theirs but there are more in the fall so during this pause and during this time of you know very quiet miss as far as Minnesota and the events are concerned it’s been good for me to just take time to kind of learn some things slow down learn some more things that I would like that I just didn’t take time for before and so that you know just kind of looking for the positives as far as how I can better myself better my skill and and just make things better for when we do come back into the event getting some new tools under my belt as far as equipment goes and things like that so I’m really gearing up and looking forward to this this new season as we come into it this fall as well

It’s so great to hear when vendors are taking a breath because I feel like the best innovation comes from when we have those moments of reflection versus and I you know weddings you’re kind of just treading water the whole time because when it’s wedding season it’s your own style and then when it’s not wedding season it’s booking season and you’re busy so you’re just so it’s it’s good to have that positive reflection Michelle like you said undone season yeah reflection so yeah well it’s so good to hear I know you’re here as companies are doing and I’m glad you guys are seeing anyone say that word afloat but you fear small businesses during this time of how they’re going to be able to get through so really excited here with two entrepreneurs succeeding so maybe we’ll start with the show on this one you could have touched on this a little bit about the retooling but is there anything that you want to just specifically spotlight a look and feel free to boast about yourself what are you four doing during this time and both away

oh thank you yeah I think the retooling like kind of whatever what I said is just learning some new skills and really taking that time to refine and think about you know yeah for me I’m actually kind of looking at couples that might be in there although older couples or second marriages are different things like that that quieter setting and marketing more towards that still doing full weddings and that sort of thing too but it’s it’s given me time to kind of look at what is my niche and what do I want my niche to be what I want that to look like I also in preparation for this for our talk here today – I did talk to some other TC WP photography members which is an awesome asset that we have as far as being able to connect with each other and collaborate and so I would say but I’m just gonna name who I’m gonna be talking about here a little bit today I was Janine with Janine Murray photography she’s an awesome gal man I learned a lot from her and watch her go love it and dolly with near me perfect selfie photo video got some great information from her and then Kara also with memories and time photography what I saw her do or what she’s doing she actually took a leap of faith and and it’s got a new shared photo space that she’s doing so I mean she’s really taking a leap of faith during this time so I’m looking like you go girls so I’ve got some information from them so it’s just I think it’s gonna be a well-rounded as far as letting you know what photographers are dealing with during this COVID time

oh great good and Amy how are you I mean what are you most proud of yourself for doing during the time where we didn’t have much going on

yeah anybody that knows me it knows that I am I am a very type A personality so this not having any control over anything that was happening that’s those first few weeks it was very difficult but I kind of lead into it the best I could and I have such a great support system between friends and family and honestly the group in TC WEP two friends that I’ve made there we seriously did so much to just kind of very much emotionally support each other what’s just meant a lot but you know it was all about getting creative and figuring out a different way to be able to reach out and even so much to keep my business busy but just to reach out and connect with women or with whoever and be able to offer some fun to them offer something rights like let’s connect let’s play make up let’s do something that brings a little joy into your day you know and so I started offering a lot of virtual opportunities zoom has been so great for that to be able to do that record sessions and be able to you know send them back to the client or customer but virtual makeup lessons and makeovers I even started offering different things in terms of brides to so from bride really wanted to learn how to do her makeup I called it in a virtual elopement package where they couldn’t maybe have a makeup artist come to them still based on what was happening I could help them and teach them how to do their makeup virtually so they felt a
little bit more confident that day so those have been a few things that have really just brought a lot of joy I think to people and it’s definitely filled my cup being able to connect in that way and it’s also I think a comfort level I think people get intimidated by makeup so even you know say when situation is different than what it is today I act people still really love the virtual options so it’s kind of opened up this great other door for women that maybe wouldn’t have taken advantage of it in person in the past

oh and Amy I have to give you thanks too because I don’t know how fast question go to you I know you mentioned you’ve done events how are they looking different for you I mean
how is it looking different for you who’s looking different for your client

yeah you know what’s really interesting is I work in both states so Wisconsin and Minnesota Wisconsin I always like to kind of refer to it as the wild wild west a little bit when I comes to this stuff and then in Minnesota you know things are a little bit more clear-cut that way but you know really the prep work for me is intensified quite a bit any really good makeup artist hairstylist especially that does event work safety and sanitation is at

the top of everything that that you do

and so but with Kovac it’s really we’ve

had to almost triple time what we’re

doing and the types of hospital-grade

disinfectant that we’re using and really

going through kind of double time

cleaning and everything making sure

everything’s ready to go for the next

customer or client but the other thing

is – really is that it is the prep work

so it’s prepping and making sure you

have individual brush sets for each

person so you’re not having to recycle

anything it’s taking the time to make

sure that you’ve got paper towels packed

because cloth towels could potentially

could potentially carry the virus so

it’s changing up kind of how you’re

using your kits and all of that

throughout this whole thing for Maya

clients my brides my bridal party

members parents they are something based

seriously I think they get it they know

what’s going on and they’re on top of

things they’re paying attention to

what’s going on they’re paying attention

to what guidelines are and they have

been so so supportive with everything

and that’s just made a huge huge

difference because everybody wants to

communicate everybody wants to talk

everybody wants to stay connected

throughout this whole thing I think it’s

brought another level of closeness

between vendors and clients in that way

to know that’s great to hear I think the

theme of collaboration is really what’s

coming through with vendors and with

your clients because it’s an honest

discussion you have to come from it

sounds like great Amy very very yep yeah

because this is what’s happening there’s

no ifs ands or buts about it this is the

situation and you have to do what we can

so that we can keep moving forward but

we do have to take those steps that’s

great to hear and Michelle I know you

said you have a couple events coming up

so how are you preparing for the new

normal of what photography is going to

look like for you and in tips you can

share dollar photographers or not oh

absolutely I think a lot of us

photographers are kind of going re going

back through our bags and figuring out

because there’s more stuff now that we

want to carry I mean as far as the hand

sanitizer and just extra

items the maths and just having extra

ones if we need them and that sort of

thing there’s just you know just extra

items that so we’re going through our

photography bags and we’re making sure

that we’re caring and have it on us

easily comfortably able to just you know

go through our event just as we would

like to freely move through but we’re

also having a lot of conversations with

our clients and with the vendors too

just to figure out what is you know what

is their expectations and how can we

cooperate and just making sure that

we’re all going smoothly I think the

verbal cues are you know just really

rehearsing a little bit for me I like

for me it’s gonna be a little bit

different because I’m more of a touching

person and and that sort of things I’ve

had to learn to quiet my hands a little

bit not go up and give the hug that I

want to go give to that client and

friends and then just different things

that work better going everybody is

experiencing it but as far as

photographers go I think the verbal cues

are what we’re really looking at we’re

also really building relationships with

those that offer video services and live

streaming services because a lot of our

clients are meeting to have the event

smaller but they want to share it with

their family and friends and having the

lines live streaming is an excellent

option as well as video as well you know

there’s some of those older family

members that they’re wanting to have

that moment and be able to share it with

them and video as well so we’re I think

we’re seeing a lot stronger

relationships coming through because of

that needing to connect with them and

just work as a team because we all want

to give them the best event but that can

be during this time it’s doing to see a

little bit of a revival for video and

then we use it as the same realm as you

as I I think previously if I understood

correctly is that people just thought

they can get away with what they cook at

the phone okay you take video and my

phone or I’m gonna have them do XYZ with

the videos and photos and it’s great to

see them lean more on professionals

because that’s what’s needed to have

people really experience Thursday I

doesn’t do the same justice when the

people who are witnessing the events do

it as well right so oh absolutely I

would say a hundred percent because

nobody wants to watch that video that’s

loosely flying

around and running this was having it

professionally done well people get

seasick I do I don’t like watching them

like when they’re like doing so to

really have people and you nailed it

Elizabeth as far as having them

experience your day and be able to just

see what really happened is having that

having that professional video

videographer they are doing it and I’m

actually there capturing that sound as

well which i think is really important

too that sometimes gets missed when we

try to just you know video with our

camera yay we’re getting a great picture

but sometimes we don’t always capture

that sound which is you know some of

those moments you really want to hear

like when they’re doing their vows and

different things like that so I think

the video videography is gonna be very

key with us photographers going forward

having those connections with them oh

it’s Karen it’s great to have those

partnerships and so smart of you guys to

think I hide them like that and knowing

that that’s something that you’re gonna

need to do in tandem with each other so

well I one thing I’m concerned about

with my photographers because I have

seen them live is you guys you are

running so I can barely wear my mask

while going to the grocery store and

walking up and down lanes so how are you

guys preparing yourselves as far as that

type of equipment cuz I mean you have to

almost be working out but with a mask on

right yes no it’s yes I think all of us

don’t well I shouldn’t say all of us but

most we wear them be kind of necessary

you know just because it’s necessary and

I think – I mean I’ve been looking

around at different types of masks as

far as you know being able to breathe

through them versus a really heavy cloth

which yeah it just it’s real as far as

like the type of mask that you have on

being able to get that air to go through

there because you are moving around and

hustling and yes staying in shape is

great I’m also I’m also looking at the

type of mess and the cloth and that sort

of thing and what I can breathe through

and then also just bringing extras as

well so you can change them out a little

bit and yeah our bags or we’re just

carrying a lot of stuff with us just they have in just to have it with us mm-hmm it’s so important yeah you have

to treat yourself well in all of this –

and be mindful of fact that makes


so uh I think self-care as a vendor it

needs to be heightened a big time kind

of moving forward through all of this so

that we don’t break down physically you

know because it is just so different for

everybody now Amy as far as the

self-care for you guys you guys are on

your feet for what five six seven hours

and and staying hydrated but then again

keeping faith any considerations or

protocols you have there

well you know in Minnesota it’s a little

bit different in terms of kind of how we

handle that but in Minnesota to do

makeup because my client can’t be

wearing a mask obviously when I’m

putting makeup on them we have to do a

face mask and a face shield so we’re

double kind of double time for that and

in Wisconsin face mask is what I’ve been

doing but you know I think it’s just

literally taking it one step at a time

and you’re just always being very

cautious I’m always washing my hands in

between each client too as well as

sanitizing multiple times throughout you

really just have to be mindful and pay

attention as you’re working now because

the work itself hasn’t necessarily

changed but it’s just how you are going

about it is the biggest thing and so and

really do for me it’s just trying to

dress as cool as I possibly can my hair

is up I usually have a headband on I

mean I’m trying to keep myself cool here

too so that I can enjoy the experience

don’t you know with my clients because

it is fun and it should be that getting

ready morning should still be a blast

regardless and I know for myself and a

lot of other makeup artists and styles

and I know that’s still our goal you

know it’s like even though we kind of

have all these thing was happening this

should still be a really really fun

experience for everybody

sure you know and I’ve worked with you

before in a planning setting and you

experienced that I like to my time lines

in the morning are pretty sad because I

don’t think anybody really knows how

fast or slow they’re gonna go depending

on when clients arrive or not but I’m

curious should now as a planner should I

consider a little bit more of a buffer

time between each person just make sure

that everything is still running

smoothly and safe because there’s that

absolutely absolutely that’s such a

great great question and you know and I

think too depending on

who the hair stylists and makeup artists

is that you’re working with that morning

they’ll be able to give you a really

good idea but I would say even just

tapped me on five minutes in between

each person really really helps give us

enough time to make sure we’re putting

the brushes away that we have used for

one person we’re getting a brand-new

fresh brush set out we have time to

sanitize our chairs and all of our

makeup five minutes in between is really

really nice and then time to just kind

of wash our hands really quickly because

hopefully we’re right by a bathroom so

but yeah we’ve all had to add just a

little bit of extra time to just make

allowances for all of that and Michelle

kind of similar question I mean should

we be adopting our timeline a little bit

to for more personal time for each

vendor to rim the restroom wash their

hands good there’s a we should wash your

hand about an hour or every hour oh yeah

so what does that look like for you oh

it’s same it’s very similar to what she

mentioned as far as I mean and when I

talked with my photographer friends –

they talked about that as well as we

need we’re allowing more time so

whatever events that we normally would

say it’s going to be this amount of time

for the photography part that session

that we’re going to do it’s more

planning even pre-planning you know

knowing exactly where we’re gonna go

probably not as much as by the you know

it’s just the fly sometimes those

photographers will take that and just

kind of go and run with ideas and and

different things that can happen at the

moment but I think there’s going to be a

little bit more pre-planning done

knowing you know where we can be washing

our hands where the restrooms are

located if that’s you know and as for us

but also for the bridal party – and just

taking a little bit more breaks I think

in between pictures versus just going

and just keeping it going going going I

think we’re gonna be definitely you know

a little bit more break time so that we

can be keeping things as safe as

possible and we want everybody to be as

safe as possible we want it all

everybody should also enjoy the

experience as well so but definitely I

think we’re going to need to allow time

for pretty much every piece of the

events I’ve seen no I was gonna say I’ve

seen a ton of photographers posting more

and more about scouting if it’s a

location that they have not shot before

for a wedding that they’re going there

prior in the week and figuring out where they want to do stuff – exactly

what you’re saying Michelle yeah and I

yep I do that I do that anyways but I

know that it’s gonna be even more so you

know this is gonna be a lot more thought

cuz usually I’ll go ahead of time and I

will figure out you know where typically

where I want to be but I also used to

allow a lot of freedom to along the way

but I just know that that Scout would

pre scouting time exactly what you said

we’re going to be figuring that out and

having a better laid plan with just more

time and more thought put into exactly

what we’re wanting to capture in that

time frame and just being mindful of

everything as well so yeah and this is

actually my last question for you guys

and you know 2020 has been a year of

challenges and reflection and it’s gonna

live with us

so I know you two entrepreneurs are

really forward-thinking about your

businesses so I’m kind of curious what

what do you think you’re gonna adapt for

five years down the line here to make it

still safe and we hope the virus isn’t

around but what things might you guys

had in place so I’ll start with you

Michelle about how this is gonna impact

you five years down the line if you can

just put your little fortune teller hat

on right right

well obviously yes we get we all hope

that this Kovach thing will you know

just will simmer down and that it won’t

be at the forefront of everything

hopefully that that you know in five

years I pray that I will be what we are

experiencing I mean all of us in the

event industry myself included I mean we

want to see events not necessarily go

back I think we’re all realizing it’s

gonna be a new normal and what that

exactly looks like but I think actually

we’re look I’m looking to be better for

it I’m looking to improve my skills and

have taken this time kind of a blessing

in disguise to you know just better

myself better what I want to do what I’m

giving to these events and and what I

want to give my clients their end result

has always been you know to have them

more than satisfied with the event and

how it went and the pictures that they

get so that’s still going to carry that

same theme but I think I want to be

better for it going forward and just

hone in on my skills and give them the

best experience that they possibly can


I think all event industry people but I

mean we’re still wanting to carry that

same thing we want to give them that

experience that they wanted to have

because it’s a special day for them and

all of us are just wanting to make

ourselves better for it absolutely and

an ami same question to you what are you

thinking about four five years down the

line and again with that fortune-teller hat on you know well I can’t Michelle you nailed it I think that’s true I mean it’s really really true I think I think in the make up side of the industry a same I mean this was been a great time to just sort of reflect and think about I think also why we do this and and why we’re involved in the events industry and almost kind of reaffirming that for yourself and that’s definitely happened so much for me but I think in five years it’s exactly what Michelle was saying I mean we hope to see things continue to happen events happen weddings happen gatherings still be able to take place with that our involvement in what we bring to the table can be even more special for our clients and that we’re able to really I don’t know it enhance it as best we can and that what I’ve learned too is not to get caught up in the rush even though it’s busy season and it’s a booked calendar it’s taking a deep breath taking one thing at a time and really making sure that you’re giving that client the attention and the time that they truly truly deserve and I see nothing but growth and opportunity over the course of the next five years I don’t know where that could take me you know but I’m excited about it you know my business is still relatively young it’s not even five years old yet and so for me it’s like all I see is there’s so many exciting things in different directions that things can take and I’m really really honestly looking forward to seeing what happens the rest of this year even so oh it’s great to just hear this positive conversation here just in

the futuristic thinking so I’m I’m really excited about what you both have coming for your businesses and it’s just been a great conversation today so thank you so much for taking the time
we thank all of you who have listened here to our lab lab under let our panelists here say goodbye to you all in any last tips that you can share with anybody excited here it’s a Michelle any last tips or things you want to say?

Oh just keep going for it I just I think things are going to improve they’re going to get better it’s and just connect with people there’s so many people in the event industry that are welcoming and wanting to connect with you and help you improve your business and just come alongside you so just don’t be afraid to just kind of get in there make some new connections

Thank you and Amy I agree and networking has been such a huge huge thing kind of throughout this time and but people are people are so open they are so happy and ready and willing to talk and swap stories and I think just support each other and again hang in there I really truly think good times are starting to return and they’ll be back and so try and stay as positive as you can find one thing to be really happy about every day

well thank you both so much and again thank you all for tuning in to our Collab Lab number two in the series of getting back to the new normal of weddings here in the Twin Cities thank you again for everyone and we are excited to have number three coming up soon with Matt sherry and Holly so we’re excited to have a conversation thank you so much everyone thank you thank you