DJ Greg Ellis Interview

We speak with DJ Greg Ellis about his early beginnings as a DJ, how he met his wife, and some of the amazing insights he has for business networking. Listen in.

Preparedness Planning Part #1

Event planning expert Elizabeth Sherry discusses post-COVID19 preparedness plans with two special guests: Nikki McClain, Royal Foundry Craft Sprirts; Julie Teran, CRAVE Catering. Listen in as they do a deep dive into the topic that has many venues and restaurant owners wondering what steps they need to take following the COVID19 pandemic.

Our Hearts Go Out

Matthew Sherry, Michelle Tverberg, and Elizabeth Sherry all share some of their feelings and thoughts during this era of COVID19 and the tragic killing of George Floyd in our community.

Networking Insights from Jeannine Pohl – Top Twin Cities Photographer

Owner of Jeannine Marie Photography, Block Studios in St. Paul Minnesota joins Paul on “Event-Industry Insider” podcast discussing her work in the world of photography, how she networks and how you can improve your networking skill set. Listen now.
For more information log onto You’ll learn a lot about her start and approach.

How To Be Good At Networking With Michelle Tverberg

You want to learn how to be good at business networking and Michelle Tverberg has over a decade of networking experience. Listen in as she shares for fifteen minutes about her networking group, tips, and how to be good at it all.

Networking 101 with Matthew Sherry

Matthew Sherry, CEO of Complete Weddings + Events Twin Cities, shares in this episode of Event-Industry Insider on how to approach networking, how not to do it, and a little bit of why it all matters for one’s company and/or business individual.

Hateful to Grateful

Event-industry expert Elizabeth Sherry shares some networking tips and insights that are sure to turn your heart softer towards the busy holiday season. Listen as she shares some of her heart-warming stories of gratitude.