What’s your favorite food? Without a single doubt, sushi is my favorite food. Why? It’s healthy, tasty and oftentimes a beautiful work of art. What’s not to love? What was your favorite college course and why? Philosophy is the one college course that really helped rewire my teen-aged mind into that of an adult. When you are a young adult, you think you know it all and know exactly how the world works. Philosophy opened me up to an entire world of perspectives. This instilled an empathy in me that has served me well in all aspects of my life to this day.
portable restrooms
On Site Company Portable Restrooms
How do people respond to your job? When I meet someone new and they ask what I do, there’s often an visible drop in respect upon them hearing I work for a portable restroom company. I get it, I totally do. On paper, it’s not exactly a glamorous industry. The truth is, I work in an office all day. A really nice office with wonderful, down to earth coworkers that are like family. The service drivers who are out in the field doing the “gross” work in reality don’t have to deal with much of anything directly. The industry has come a long ways and these days it’s all very sanitary. That’s actually one of my favorite parts of my job is working to educate the general public into what the portable restroom industry is all about. Being at the forefront of changing that culture and perception is wonderfully rewarding.
onsite sanitation
Portable Restrooms by On Site Company
What’s the mark of a satisfying career? The mark of a satisfying career isn’t necessarily the pay or the benefits, though those are great, but knowing that you’re actually making a difference to the world at large. I love being involved behind the scenes of big and small events alike knowing I’m playing a huge part in bringing some relief and dignity to something nobody wants to talk about, but everyone needs. How long have you been coming to TCWEP events? Three years of bliss!
Matthew Sherry, Lori Snyder, Tom O'Brien, Claire Holder
From Left: Matthew Sherry, Lori Snyder, Tom O’Brien, Claire Holder
You recently won the grand prize raffle at TCWEP’s October event of a free night stay in Delta Hotel, how was it? I actually have not had the chance to take advantage of the free night’s stay yet. I’m married with a very strong willed and intelligent 20 month old daughter, and as such it’s hard to get away even for a night. My wife and I are saving it for a special occasion. Our 4-year wedding anniversary is right around the corner, so methinks a babysitter and a night of luxury may soon be in our future. I’ll keep you posted!
Potty Bank piggy bank
“Potty Bank” by On Site Company, photo by Heather Hanson photography
What’s a potty bank? They are a legendary object said to instill good luck and fortune upon those lucky enough to come into possession of them. Sadly, they come with a curse preventing anyone name Matthew Sherry from ever being able to come into possession of one. In all actuality, they’re just a modern riff on a piggy bank. From what I’ve heard, many people use them in their homes and offices as a swear jar. How perfect is that? If you have a potty mouth put some money in the potty bank. At the last event, it was almost like your “potty bank” prize giveaway was a live person and all the audience members were zombies salivating for fresh meat! Are other people as voracious to get one as TCWEP attendees? Let me tell you that while everyone I meet loves the potty banks, NOBODY reacts to them like the TCWEP community. I think that says a lot. People in our group seem to have one thing in spades: Enthusiasm. Personally, those are exactly the kind of people I want as business partners, colleagues, and friends.
potty bank prize giveaway
Tom O’Brien gives away a “Potty Bank”  at TCWEP as Matthew Sherry announces the winner
How has TCWEP impacted you and your business? Being exposed to the TCWEP community has really helped me expand my horizons professionally. I think being primarily a salesperson puts me in a slightly different category than many of the other members of TCWEP. That being said, I’ve never been made to feel like an outsider in any way. The TCWEP community is wonderfully inclusive and welcoming. The main benefit I have gained is the opportunity to get to know and to understand the needs of not only my potential clients, but also the end user, which is invaluable. Onsite portable restrooms Anything else you’d like people to know about you or your business? Practically speaking, I’d be remiss if I didn’t remind people that outside of portable restroom solutions, On Site offers a full variety of climate control solutions. Just because it’s getting cold outside, does not mean the party needs to stop. I can help keep those gatherings warm all winter long!
heating of tents and trailers
On Site Company climate control
Onsite location heating
On Site Company keeping a winter tent warm
Outside of that, I do not use it a lot but On Site actually has a catchphrase, “Temporary Solutions, Permanent Commitment”. What does that mean? Simply put, I’m selling you a relationship, not just a product. While hugs and handshakes will not pay my mortgage, neither will a single payday. I want to be in it for the long haul with everyone I collaborate with. I truly believe both professionally and personally that we are all in this as one. Sink or float, let’s make the trip together. Find out more about what On Site has to offer on their website onsite.com

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