All the small details build the overall first impression of you. While some people may scoff at paying such attention to some of these details, take a moment to consider this: at a networking event you could be talking with a future employer who’s going to be adding several grand to your yearly salary… with that in mind, these details become less silly and more important.

Pause & Absorb Business Cards

When you ask for a business card, take a moment to look at it and absorb it before putting it away. This will not only help you remember who gave it to you, it also goes a long ways in making the giver feel like you aren’t just collecting hundreds of cards willy-nilly, rather that you are valuing them.

Warm Handshakes

Carry your drink in your left hand so your handshake doesn’t feel like a cold wet fish when you shake hands with someone. Also, give a nice firm handshake. No one likes limp handshakes.

Display Your Name Prominently

Wear your name tag on the right side so it is more prominent when you shake hands.   Here at TCWEP we know networking with strangers can be intimidating, but trust us, we’ve been doing this since 2009 and we’ve created a very warm and supportive group. If you’ve never attended one of our events before you are missing out. Our members not only network, we help one another when the going gets tough and rough. Join us and see what the buzz about TCWEP is all about. For more tips, click here

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