Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals (TCWEP) will resume their once-monthly in-person events starting this September. The first event will be held at Quincy Hall 1325 Quincy St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 on September 9th 11am-1pm. Attendees will tour the new venue, receive education from an industry expert, participate in group discussions and everyone will be bringing a sack lunch. Special ticket pricing for this are $10 to $20 (Usually $15 – $40) and are available online
Safety guidelines will be honored and enforced during the event.

Michelle Tverberg, TCWEP Co-Founder said “We are listening. Our attendees and members have been monitoring and studying the COVID guidelines for months, and it’s their feedback that is driving us to reopen events in person. We sent a survey to our group and asked “What resources do you need during this time?” and the resounding answer was “time connecting with peers”. People need human interaction. Events can be in-person, following current safety-guidelines. People want to work, play, and safely have interactions with one another in person, at events. We are showing how, that is not only possible, that it can also be wonderfully successful.”

Since 2009 TCWEP has been meeting once-a-month; even during the COVID19 lock downs earlier in 2020, they did online events. TCWEP began in 2009, following the recession, 2 small business owners (Michelle Tverberg of Delight Photography and Matthew Sherry CEO of Complete Wedding & Events) decided to start networking together as a way to share business between their customers, knowing the impact of word of mouth referrals. It’s humble beginnings included folding-chairs, lemonade, and participants bringing in mid western hospitality style crock pots from home to share at their meetings of a dozen entrepreneurs. That number began to grow and within a couple years the number reached about 150.  Over the past ten years the group consistently has a monthly attendance of 80-175 guests.