Home to a restored pre-Civil War era barn, Hope Glen Farm and its owners, Paula and Michael Bushilla, went from owning a print business, to owning their hobby farm, to building-up Hope Glen Farm into what it is today.

The phone started ringing off the hook five years ago and it hasn’t stopped since

Paula & Michael Buschilla
Paula & Michael Buschilla, photo by Jeannine Marie Photography
Blessed from the start with the Pioneer Press article Jobless and optionless couple turns homestead into wedding venue, coupled with a one hundred percent approval from the local Cottage Grove city council and the full support of surrounding neighbors, the Bushilla’s began their journey into transforming a farm listed on the historic register, into a much sought after wedding and event venue. Michael and Paula also both embody a strong sense of community spirit. “We want to pay everything forward…help other venues.” They offered their venue for an all day charity event for Friends in Need, a local community food shelf, and for holding the local Oktoberfest at their farm. “We love to give back to community wherever we can. Cottage Grove has been so wonderful to us. The mayor’s been one of our biggest supporters”, said the Bushilla’s. Read about TCWEP’s September event hosted at Hope Glen.
Historic Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard
Aerial view of Historic Hope Glen Farm from several years ago
With a spacious pavilion, barn with loft, grassy pasture and bridge, cottage and treehouse, Hope Glen Farm offers a number of options for events and guests.

Architecture. History. Tid-bits.

Construction Grooms of the Corn Crib Cottage

The luxurious 1,110 square foot Corn Crib Cottage, outfitted with a fireplace, full kitchen, jacuzzi, rain shower and grand staircase leading to the second level, was designed and built from one of the farm’s original outbuildings, a 1940s era corn crib. The cottage was one of many structures built in part by “construction grooms”, who would come out after work to help build it, later holding their own weddings at Hope Glen. They then stayed in the cottage that night with their new brides- a place they helped create. Destination for couples planning weddings, companies planning corporate events, and luxury overnight accommodations.  
pavillion history hope glen farm
Pavilion at Hope Glen Farm, photo by Jeannine Marie Photography

Architecture Ties to The Great Northern Railroad

during the interview
From left: writer K.M. Vento, Eryka Pluff event manager at Hope Glen Farm, owners Paula & Michael Buschilla
Rich stained woods and light-giving, skylight-like cupolas in the rustic elegance of the pavilion were inspired by Glacier National Park lodge, whose architect, Samuel Bartlett, was great friends with the earlier owner, John Healy, who bought the farm in 1914. Healy had ties to the Great Northern Railroad through Healy’s plumbing and heating company, which provided plumbing and heating for train depots throughout the country.   Healy commissioned Bartlett to do an expansion of the farmhouse, and Bartlett also gave Hope Glen its name- from Healy’s mother’s maiden name, Hope, and the farm’s location, nestled in a glen. Crystalline beauty is added to the soaring beamed space by chandeliers- Michael’s idea- giving a soft, yet grand, beauty to the pavilion.

Luxury Tree House

Luxury Tree House at Historic Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard
Luxury Tree House at Historic Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard, photo by Jeannine Marie Photography
The Bushilla family also had their own vision in mind when they bought the farm- a treehouse. The fourth treehouse in their family history, the honey wood, four-story, four deck Treehouse Suite was constructed within the branches of a 150 year old tree on the farm’s grounds. Architect Cary Kimmel, owner of Koinonia Design, envisioned three dimensional chess while designing the enchanting 1,200 square foot structure. (A tower, as well as a a “secret room” await any who visit its rooms.)

Inspiring. Historic. Hope.

Whether starting their lives together in marriage, or hosting a company event on its history filled grounds. Hope Glen Farm does indeed inspire hope through the beauty and tradition of who they are. Discovered by many, the years have been very good to this historical gem of a farm- and destined to be for many more. Booking information Historic Hope Glen Farm & Vineyard