I’ll cut to the point. Become a members with TCWEP. Full disclosure. I do work with TCWEP for their website & PR, and that doesn’t change the fact of what I am saying.

Why TCWEP Membership is Valuable to Your Website

We have limited time. Unless you are independently wealthy- you only have so much money to spend.

Time & Money

How much time and/or money have you spent creating your website? If you are like most, you’ve probably spent a couple thousand dollars at least when it’s all said and done to get a website up and running that looks amazing. Or you’ve spent upwards to at least 40 hours of work-time to build one yourself. That’s a lot of time, energy, and money to put towards something and to neglect a key element: that your website needs to have links to it.

Search Engines Notice Your Site

Because search engines, such as Google, use links back to your website to give your website a grade. The higher the grade on your website, the higher you will appear in search engine rankings. To make it even more specific- those links back to your site are even graded. Let’s say that your website is for a wedding planning service here in the Twin Cities, and you get a link back to your site from your cousin Bernie who sells reptiles from his basement (sorta strange but he always did dance to the beat of his own drum), anyways, that link back is fine. It’s a link back to your website, that’s good. So search engines will notice that. BUT if you had a link back to your website from a website that is ALL ABOUT weddings and events in the Twin Cities area, search engines will see that and also see that your website is about the same topic. Bingo! It’s a really great match and it is a much better link for your business. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the link from your cousin Bernie, God bless his reptile loving heart, it’s just that the topical link from TCWEP is more of a fit.

Don’t Waste Hours of Your Time Without A Membership

Sure, you can spend upwards to 10 hours per week trying to locate a website with as much rich content as TCWEP has accumulated in the past decade, and then you can see if you can get a link from that mythical website back to yours for less than it cost here… but why? Even if you were making less than $5 per hour for that type of searching, it still wouldn’t be worth it. You get a link back to your website from TCWEP and you don’t have to spend hours and hours on it. How much is that worth to you? It really should be worth at least the cost of a yearly membership. I know this is sounding like a hardball sales pitch from me to you, which it is. It’s exactly that.

A Membership is an Efficient, Smart Use of Your Money

So here’s my point again- if you’ve spent weeks of energy and money on your business and your website, why wouldn’t you spend the money for a yearly membership? The link alone is worth much more than the cost of membership.

Join Here

Want your website to be ranked better online? Decide which membership fits you, right here. Does this mean that your website will magically become the best site listed online overnight? Absolutely not! But it will be a few steps closer, and that’s worth a lot. Trust me, I’ve been working on websites for over a decade. Feel free to reach out or leave a comment below and I’ll do my best to respond. Thanks!

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