To Enter You’ll Simply Post About the Event Including a photo, some tagging text, and hashtags. Example Finished Post Text:
Delta Hotel Minneapolis Northeast
Delta Hotel Minneapolis Northeast
Doing some awesome networking here at the new 14 million dollar renovated @DeltaMplsNE Hotel Minneapolis Northeast, location for this month’s @TCWEPnetwork event with desserts from @muddypawscheesecake, and the photographer @HeatherHansonWeddings #DeltaMplsNE #hotel #TCWEPnetwork

Follow These 5 Easy Steps to Create Your Post

Step One: Upon arrival, fill out the short giveaway info card at TCWEP registration desk. It’s easy, just name & your social media. Then drop it into the business card raffle giveaway basket. Step Two: Post an image from the event to your social media (either business or personal pages are fine). Feel free to use the image of Delta Hotel from this email as your post. Or use your creativity with a selfie or something from the event. Step Three: Say something about the event in your post. If you are tongue-tied, an idea is to let people know what you are up to, add a compliment to the venue or sponsors and fellow attendees. Step Four: Tag the sponsors and add the # hashtags in your post. See below for the list of social media tagging and hashtags to use. Post it. Boom! You are in the running to win. Be sure to post before the event “table topic” happens… about 12:30pm. You must be present to win as we will be snapping your picture as the prize winner! If you have any questions, just let us know. We look forward to seeing you at the event. Social Media Accounts to Tag: Facebook Venue: @DeltaMplsNE Dessert: @MUDDYPAWSCHEESECAKE Photography: @HeatherHansonWeddings Organization: @TCWEPnetwork Instagram Venue: @deltamplsne Dessert: @muddypawscheesecake Photography: @mnfeistyphotog Organization: @TcwepNetwork Twitter Venue: @DeltaMplsNE Dessert: @mpcheesecake Organization: @TcwepNetwork Hashtags: #DeltaMplsNE #hotel #TCWEPnetwork

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