These actions are compiled with the underlying goal of improving online presence and search results. Find a full list of TCWEP vendors here online.


Give Social Media Buzz
Tag them, talk about them in your videos and photos, share their content.

Level of Difficulty: Easiest
Most people have social accounts already, and it’s just a matter of posting.

Why It Matters
You have a reach that is unique to you, and sharing content about other businesses exposes them to your circles online.


Give 5-Star Reviews
On Google Maps, Yelp, Facebook, Wedding Wire, The Knot, etc.

Level of Difficulty: Medium
Requires more focus. Unless you already have accounts set-up, you’ll need to set them up on each review site. And then write a good review.

Why It Matters
Reviews do a lot for a business. Good and bad. In these times when there’s sure to be an onslaught of negativity, your voice of professionalism and level-headed positivity will help.


Give Links from Your Website
There’s a few ways to accomplish this. We recommend writing a personalized blog post about the vendor and including a link to their website.
Another way is linking to them from your “Preferred Vendors” web page.

Level of Difficulty: Hard
This one is not-only time consuming, it also requires you to have a website or blog and know-how to create links from your website — or to pay someone who knows how to do these things.

Why It Matters
At first, this one’s impact isn’t as noticeable as a 5-star review, but what it’s doing is related to Search Engine Optimization, SEO. And the positive impact lasts for years (Decades even.)

Once you’ve done any of the above items, share it with our TCWEP Event-Attendee’s Facebook Group. And let’s celebrate each other’s accomplishments.