What to expect, wear, and some insider tips for first-timers.

What/Who is TCWEP?

TCWEP is a networking group of event industry professionals. TCWEP’s mission is to enrich the event industry.  This is all done by professional relationship building and advancements in industry knowledge by learning from each other.

What should I expect at a TCWEP Event?

A friendly group of about 100 will be in attendance. Networking can be scary, but don’t be with this group.  Go up to one person and introduce yourself, then that person will introduce you to someone and so on and so forth…

Do I need to bring anything?

A smile. Also, we recommend listening to our 4-part series on networking to maximize your results.

What should I wear for attire?

You can wear jeans or a full business suit.  We are pretty relaxed.  We have one formal event a year which is commonly in April.

What Do I Need for the virtual events?

Do I need to be a member of TCWEP to attend networking events?

No! The more the merrier. There are membership options available.

What is included with TCWEP Membership?

We would love to connect with you about this. Please email us at info@tcwep.com. If you would like to chat over the phone please email us some times to talk and we will connect with you. More info is available online regarding TCWEP membership.