Tips To Master Your Email and Have a Stress-Free Inbox From 85 Successful Professionals Authority Magazine reached out to Elizabeth Sherry for her 5 email strategies to include in their round-up of More than 400 Email Tips From 85 Email Pros Across the Nation compiled by Yitze Weiner. Elizabeth Sherry

Elizabeth Sherry, Development & Engagement Manager, Minnesota Chamber of Commerce

Elizabeth Sherry serves as the Program Manager for Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals (TCWEP) and is also the Director of Marketing & Communications on the board for Meeting Professionals International. She has won three International Live Event Association awards in the past couple years. Elizabeth has been a three time speaker at national Special Event Conference in 2013, 2014, 2015.

My Top 5 Tips to Manage Emails

    1. Treat your emails as a to do list, once they are done file them away properly where you know where to find them again. Try not to let emails just float in your inbox. You waste a lot of time searching for an email and communication can easily be missed.
    1. You are going to get spam emails, no matter what you do. Spend the time to respond to the individuals if you are not interested or unsubscribe.
    1. Never leave an email in your inbox un replied to for over 24 hours. This is not only a good customer service tip but it also reminds you to find time to do the task associated making you accountable. Even if the email says something like, I will get back to you by tomorrow afternoon with the answers to you great questions enclosed. Thanks for your patience.
    1. Color coding emails works. Match them to the color coding on your calendar and your brain will automatically categorize these colors so your brain stays within the topic you are working on.
  1. I tell myself I am not allowed to leave work until I cannot scroll down on my inbox anymore. There should only be a few emails in the inbox that you are waiting for a reply on or need more information to continue.
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