Best Networking Tips to Engage Your Business

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  • Partnership – Buddy system; Show Up, Find Events that you can be present at; share info with each other; find someone to go with to open houses, attend networking events, et.
  • Remember Seven Points of Contact; 1st time meeting a person is to get to know about them.
  • Forgot person’s name – Okay to call yourself out if you don’t remember their name; be honest;
  • Two questions should always ask:  How can I help you?  Who are good referrals to send your way? Who do you know that would be good for me to meet with?  Expand our networks.  
  • Be more interested in the other person, than you are interested in telling about yourself.
  • Open Houses – Have a Brand Ambassador; wing people to talk about your business
  • Build relationships with people; don’t try to sell something
  • Prepare, go into networking events with a plan; make genuine connections;  get 3 business cards from people; have 3 conversations with new contacts. 
Dawn Bulera – CSPS Hall St Paul

Sweet networking event at CSPS Hall St Paul.   Great space, a hidden gem with huge potential for all kinds of events.   We were wow’ed by the wait staff that volunteered their time in order to showcase this space, believing in the vision of working future events in this venue.   What an amazing team!

Thank you Sponsors that made this event shine!
CSPS Hall St Paul – Dawn B.
Vintage Dress – Marsha’s Stitches
Men’s Bohemian Folk Suite – Dawn Bulera
Steady Pour Beverage Company – Jeff S.
Geneva 338 – Personal Chef Leonardo Boone
Unique Dining Catering – Amanda T.
Silks and Images – Sandra O.
Pajarito – Steve H.
Victrola Man – Phonograph Disc Jockey
Volunteer Photographer:
Bellagala – Christine

PR & Media: Slingshot Branding & PR, LLC

CSPS Hall St Paul - hand painted scenic backdrop stage with vintage dress and bohemian folk suit
Vintage Dress – Marsha’s Stitches;  Men’s Bohemian Folk Suit – Dawn Bulera
3 champagne flutes on wood counter
Steady Pour Beverage Company
pasta salad and appetizers on wood table
Geneva 338 – Personal Chef Leonardo Boone
Unique Dining Catering - sliders
Unique Dining Catering
Marsha’s Stitches – Veils – Marsha Chizek
Marsha’s Stitches – Custom Veils
Glorious stage at CSPS Hall St Paul; hand painted backdrops
phonograph disc jockey victrola man
Victrola Man – Phonograph Disc Jockey – Todd Juzwiak
Victrola Man =Phonograph Disc Jockey
Victrola Man =Phonograph Disc Jockey – Todd Juzwiak
wood table setting with silverware and glasses with napkin flute
Lots of history here at CSPS St Paul …. wood tables are amazingly 90+ years young
round table setting with white linens, chair covers and white cups/saucers with red tulips centerpiece
Round table options – CSPS Hall St Paul
CSPS Hall St Paul - tcwep networking event
CSPS Hall St Paul – View of Balcony Level
Framed TCWEP logo compliments of Jaguar Blu