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When Blaine native Amy Michaels was planning her wedding day with the help of her mother Heidi Mathson, the two were looking for a way to transform an empty hotel conference room into a comfortable and photogenic environment for her big day, but they didn’t have any luck.

“My vision was 10 girls all standing in the bathroom fighting over a mirror, and I thought that was not going to work.” Mathson recalled. “We did a Google search to find out where we could find stuff to rent and we could not find a company that rented the kind of items that we wanted, like a full-length mirror, vanities, seating … we wanted it to be more of a comfortable environment for the girls because they spend hours there.”

The idea for a business was born. Dream Day Dressing Rooms has been around since November 2016. Mathson, Amy and Amy’s sister-in-law Molly Michaels co-own the business, which is located at 1521 93rd Lane NE, Blaine.

Dream Day Dressing Rooms offers 10 styled suite packages, which contain a hair styling station, makeup station, product table for artists, full-length mirror, professional steamer, privacy screen, wardrobe rack, bridal gown holder, sofa or settee, two matching chairs, two accent tables and an area rug. “Some of the packages are modern and some are more traditional,” Amy said.

The Marilyn Suite features hot pink furniture, whereas the Scarlett Suite features red. There is also a package for grooms’ rooms.

“We are unique. It is not just that we rent items, a lot of companies rent items; we try to create an experience,” Mathson explained.

The three ladies enjoy being a part of a happy point in people’s lives. Molly said, “It is fun getting all the pictures back and seeing all of the special moments that were created because of the room they were given.” Amy added, “I am able to solve this problem that I had for other brides that I know are having the same problem. Being able to say, ‘Look, here is your solution,’ that feels pretty great.”

Dream Day Dressing Rooms was recently honored with the Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals (TCWEP) Diamond of Dedication award “Rising Star,” which recognizes individuals who show a passion for the event industry, the hunger to succeed and the spirit of a rising industry professional.

“Heidi had the ingenuity to come up with a company and resource that was needed in the industry and no one was doing. When ‘getting-ready’ rooms are now a venue must-have, Heidi is an amazing asset to dress up bland or blank-slate getting-ready spaces,” TCWEP Program Coordinator Elizabeth Sherry said.

TCWEP Co-Founder Michelle Tverberg added, “I personally got to experience Dream Day Dressing Rooms before our awards Gala event April 10. It was the best pampering feeling in the world, and a sweet oasis in the midst of a great event … Dream Day Dressing Rooms is filling a gap in the events industry by providing a glamorous experience for getting-ready preparations. This can be brought to any location.”

Mathson said TCWEP has been an incredibly supportive group to be a part of. It has helped the business to gain a network of over 50 partnerships with companies and venues, she noted. In addition to partnering with venues, the business also serves brides all over Minnesota and Wisconsin. Molly said the business already has a lot of partnerships with hotels and golf courses, but the hope is to create more partnerships with different kinds of venues in the future.

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