We are thrilled to be taking our Networking Events to the next level as we launch a new website that will be the Twin Cities GoTo Resource for referrals, recommendations and deepening our networking relationships as we service the Wedding & Event Industry.   tcwep.com  

Founding Member status available for memberships; 50% off by May 1st, 2015 for attendees of TCWEP.    Contact us today for more details!  info@tcwep.com

Founding Member  $600 50% off $300 till May 1st, 2015
Vendor Spotlight $100 50% off  $50 till May 1st 2015
Founding Sponsor $3000 50% off $1500 till May 1st, 2015
Note: Our Monthly Networking Events remain the same, no membership required.  $10/event

TCWEP Membership & Event Benefits: 

Being a part of a warm, friendly group of event industry pros that believe in networking and referring business to each other.  

Offers support for your business with event pros that will cheer you on, inspire you, offer ideas, brainstorm to create solutions, and more.  It may surprise you how generous this group is to help build each other up and share resources.   

Becoming an industry expert and being able to ASK your clients what else they need/want/dream for their event, and being able to personally refer to some of the best in the industry.  

TCWEP is not only building trusted business relationships, but lasting friendships as well.  

Enriching the Event Industry with Networking Awesomeness             

Be noticed in a meeting ….. be remembered at tcwep.com

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