On January 9th, 2020 in Northeast Minneapolis, TCWEP met at Cornerstone Studios, 2220 Central Avenue Northeast, Minneapolis, MN, 55418, for our monthly event. Today’s event included an early Collab Lab on the topic of Sales Tactics for 2020 with special speaker Michael Wolff – M.G. Wolff & Associates, Inc

Cornerstone Studios
PC: Delight Photography
Listen in as Kirk with Imagine Lights receives an amazing testimonial about his light up dance floors.

Collab Lab

Collab Lab

Lighting & Sound from EMI Audio

Audio Sponsor:
James E., EMI Audio
PC: Slingshot Branding & PR

Catering: PArtyline Too

Decor by Revel and Flourish

Venue: Cornerstone Studios

Volunteers: Susan L. & Emma P.

Photography: Lena Lakoma

Photography Sponsor
Lena L., – Lena Lakoma Photography